DARK is Light.

Established in 2009, DARK is a lighting studio based in Limassol, Cyprus. Our showroom displays luminaires from leading manufacturers and designers.

Our brands can satisfy the needs of every commercial, public and residential project.

The Dark showroom has become a playground for all lighting enthusiasts, lighting designers, architects, interior designers, electricians and home owners.


Synergy between light and architecture.

We are driven by the need to provide quality, innovation, and outstanding lighting design to the architectural market.

By using the world's most elegant luminaires we believe we can alter the relationship between light and shadow, brightness and colour, style and quality.

For us it is essential to translate light into reality. Our goal is to create an environment that is subtle and bold at the same time.


Specification. Installation. Maintenance.

We provide eloquent lighting solutions by shaping your living and working environment, highlighting architectural details and allowing you the flexibility to create different moods.

Our team of professional lighting consultants are working closely with our clients in order to understand their lighting needs and produce design solutions that inspire and delight.

Our DARK showroom has offered solutions to many. We can simulate many different lighting scenarios helping our clients to achieve the result they want.